New Pixel Charging Animation Spotted When powerd Off

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Now that the third Android 12 beta is out, we’re just about finished with all the new stuff. A minor tweak was just spotted by 9To5Google. A new charging animation was added to the software which can be seen while the phone is powered off.

The new charging animation is the latest in the line of new animations

If you’ve been paying attention to every aspect of the three betas, you will know that the charging animations have been going through a few minor changes. Google has been keeping with a wave aesthetic for the charging animations. This new animation is visible when the phone is placed on the charger while powered off.

The new charging animation starts after a small battery icon flashes on the screen. The current percentage would appear, then, a small pulsating wave would emanate from the percentage. It’s a wave that’s made up of a collection of white particles. Unlike the powered on animations, these pulsate at a constant rate.


The first two charging animations were similar

The first beta had a visible wave flow across the screen when the phone was plugged in or set on a wireless charger. The color of the wave would match the Material You color scheme. The second beta would have the same wave, only it was wider and less opaque.

When the phone was plugged in, the wave would be emitted from the bottom of the phone. While the phone’s on a wireless charger, the wave would come from the middle of the screen with the battery percentage flashing on the screen. With the first beta, a circle of dots would spread out and disappear along with the wave. This was not present with the second beta.

What features will Android 12 bring?

Android 12 is the biggest overhaul to Android that Google has made in recent years. The overall look of the software will be rounder and more bubbly. This is a huge departure from previous versions of Android. Different parts of the UI, from the menus to system apps, will have a cartoonish look to them.

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Dynamic Color will change the color of these UI elements and create a customized theme for you. It will take the main colors in your wallpaper and apply them to certain parts of the software and Google apps.

Google will be unveiling a new custom icon pack for the home screen. This will involve monotonous, minimalist icons that will be able to comply with Dynamic Color.

The new charging animation along with these only make up a small chunk of what’s to come with Android 12. If you want to experience these changes for yourself, you can pick up a Pixel 3 for under $200. You could also wait for the upcoming Pixel phones.