Nintendo's New Switch Has A Bigger Screen & Will Drop This Fall

Nintendo Switch OLED Model 1

Nintendo has finally announced its brand-new Switch model, which comes complete with a larger display, and it uses an OLED panel. So picture quality and colors should be a little more vibrant than currently available models of the Switch and Switch Lite.

Alongside the new OLED display, the new Switch also comes with an array of additional upgrades. Though none of these equate to faster frame rates or higher resolution visuals. Rather, Nintendo seems to have made a handful of quality of life updates to the console that bring it to a more polished state than before.

The new console comes with a wider kickstand, as well as a LAN port and a couple of other adjustments. While the current Switch model is extremely well-loved, Nintendo seems to have felt that there were some areas where it could improve the console that don’t revolve around visual clarity or performance.


The Nintendo Switch OLED model is the same overall size

The new Switch OLED model will come with a bigger, 7-inch display that provides more screen space for the games but, it doesn’t come at the cost of a bigger footprint. Instead, Nintendo has simply toned down the bezels to allow for more screen real estate.

This makes it so the console is still about the same to hold when playing games in its portable mode. And it won’t take up that much more space when docked.

Speaking of the dock, this is where you’ll find the new LAN port. This isn’t exactly a feature that current Switch owners have been asking for. But it will improve the experience for online games as the connection will be more stable.


You can buy the console this October for $350

Nintendo plans to launch the new Switch on October 8, and it will retail for $349.99. So about $50 more than the current model. Though, that’s perfectly reasonable given the new features and bigger screen.

Players will also be treated to better audio which Nintendo says will enhance the experience for table top and handheld play. As well as 64GB of internal storage for games.

The new Switch will launch on the same day as Metroid Dread. So Nintendo planned this out quite nicely in terms of timing. If you prefer an even more portable model, the Switch Lite is still available in a bundle from GameStop that comes with a free memory card.