New Bixby Update Brings Much Needed Improvements

Samsung Bixby AH NS 04 AH 2019

Bixby has been the target of criticism ever since it was launched along with the Galaxy S8. Regardless of this, Samsung still has faith in its virtual assistant. According to SamMobile, a new Bixby update just hit the Galaxy store. It brings a few changes that will make life easier for the people who use the service.

The new Bixby Update includes better preferences and homescreen Quick Commands

Virtual assistants are all about learning patterns in your searches in order to give you a personalized feed of suggestions. The new update helps improve Bixby’s ability to personalize your feed. If you have the “Personalized Bixby” setting enabled, the assistant will bring personalized app based suggestions to your feed.

On the Bixby one page, you will see a card that says “Add Quick Commands To Home.” This will give you the ability to pin quick commands to your home screen for easy access. That way, you won’t have to summon Bixby to certain tasks that you do often.


Bixby will now take up less of the screen

Before, when summoning Bixby, the assistant would open to take up the entire screen. This was a weird design choice as there was a lot of wasted space. With this new update, the panel will only take up about half the screen. You still get the microphone, keyboard, and home icons on the bottom. You also still get the related suggestions. The only change is the amount of space that Bixby takes up.

You don’t have to train your voice with Bixby

If you wanted to use the “Hi Bixby” command to wake up your device, Bixby would usually have to learn your voice. This was done by having you repeat a phrase five times. While this isn’t the biggest inconvenience in the world, it seems like an unnecessary extra step. With the new update, you will have the option to skip the training altogether.

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