New Android 12 Trash Shortcut Will Make Deleting Items Easier

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The official launch of Android 12 is getting closer as we’re in the second half of the year. The third Android 12 beta has just hit devices, and folks are already finding new goodies to explore. A new addition that was discovered makes it easier to manage your trash files. This was spotted by Android Police.

The new Android 12 trash shortcut takes you right to your trash files

If you want to manage your trash files on a pixel device, you would have to navigate to the Files app and look through your files. You can go through the clean tab and start managing what you want to delete. It’s not so easy to find the items that are slated to be deleted, however.

This is where the new Android 12 trash shortcut comes in. Instead of going to the app and finding your trash, you can go straight there from the settings. If you go to the storage section of the settings, there will be an option above the sections. It will read “Go to files app to manage and clean up space.” From there, you will be taken to the trash section of the Files app.


In all honesty, this is only a minor convenience at best. It’s not much faster than just going to the app itself. The main draw of this is the fact if you only really go to the storage tab in the settings if you’re doing file management. If you’re in the storage tab, and you need to delete files, you can jump right to the trash section instead of exiting the settings and going to the files app.

What else is new with the third Android 12 beta?

Since Android 12 is almost finished baking, there aren’t as many new additions to the platform with this newest beta. There are still enough new features to keep the tech community satisfied.

When you take a screenshot, a button will appear next to it that says “capture more.” When you do so, you will be able to drag and expand the screenshot further. This will work great if you want to take a screenshot of a long document. It won’t work with every app from the get-go, however.


Another huge feature is the ability to use apps as they download! This was the transformational feature that Google teased a little while back. You will be able to use the app after the most important files are installed. This will all depend on what developers want to make their software compatible with this.

A new tweak to auto-rotate will make the feature faster and a bit more accurate. Instead of using the gyroscope, the phone will also use the camera to detect the face. Google states that it will not use or save the data in any way. To learn more about the new additions to Android 12, read here.

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