Most Amazon Echo Devices Will Be Upgraded To Support Matter

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Amazon has committed to making its Echo devices compatible with Matter, a new cross-platform open standard for smart home devices. During its Alexa Live developer presentation, the company said it will be upgrading most of its Echo Family devices to support Matter. These include most Echo and Echo Dot devices and every Echo Studio, Echo Flex, Echo Plus, and Echo Show. The first-gen Echo, first-gen Echo Dot, and Echo Tap are the only ones missing out, a company representative told The Verge.

There’s no timeline available for those upgrades as yet. However, with the first Matter certifications expected to arrive later this year, we might get to know more about this promise from Amazon in the coming months.

In a note to developers, Amazon said it will “soon be rolling out tools that make it easy for you to build Matter certified devices”. The company also said it is “ready to start testing your Matter devices now.”


Amazon will upgrade its Echo devices to support the Matter smart home standard

Matter is an ambitious open-sourced smart home project of more than a hundred device manufacturers. The group includes some big names like Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, and the Zigbee Alliance. Formerly called Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP), the project was renamed Matter in May.

The primary goal of this new project is to standardize voice assistant support across smart home devices. The Matter logo will appear on future hardware products, making it easy for customers to know which devices work with the unified system. This would surely help simplify the confusion around the diverse smart home ecosystem.

The Matter standard will also be beneficial to manufacturers. It will apparently reduce the resource and effort required to build a new smart home device.


Not only future products, but OEMs can also push updates to their existing compatible devices to support Matter. Philips has already announced that it will update all its Hue products to support the new smart home standard. Google is another big name to announce similar plans. It will be upgrading its Nest devices to support Matter as well. Moreover, the company has also promised to enable devices like Nest Wi-Fi, Nest Hub Max, and second-gen Nest Hub to double as connection hubs for Matter.

Amazon is now jumping on this bandwagon as well. It’s unclear though whether any of the Echo devices will work as Matter connection hopes after the upgrade. Hopefully, the company will share more details when it begins this upgrade process.