Latest Chrome OS Update Is Locking Out Some Chromebook Users

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There seems to be no end to Chrome OS 91 bugs. The latest update is reportedly locking some Chromebook users out of their devices. Chrome OS version 91.0.4772.165 is causing this issue.

Affected Chromebook units, i.e. those running on the aforementioned Chrome OS build, don’t accept logging credentials, Android Police reports, compiling user complaints on the internet. Unable to access their important files, many affected users have taken to online forums like Reddit to spit out their frustration.

Some users also have their laptops boot looping following the latest update. Even a powerwash doesn’t help, forcing them to use a recovery USB to re-image the device.


Google is aware of this issue and is pulling the problematic Chrome OS update from its servers. But the damage has been already done. It’s unclear when the company will roll out a fix.

Meanwhile, if you’ve yet to install Chrome OS version 91.0.4772.165, do not accept any updates for the time being. Your Chromebook might automatically download the new software but it will require a restart to install it. So make sure not to shut down the device until the issue is fully resolved.

Chrome OS 91 has been hit with multiple critical bugs recently

Google’s Chrome OS team can’t seem to catch a break recently, particularly since the release of version 91. Multiple critical bugs have sneaked into the stable channel over the past few weeks. First, Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.147 was found to be causing performance issues where the devices were using too much RAM. The company pulled this update and rolled back users to version 91.0.4472.114.


This rollback didn’t go smoothly for everyone though. It locked out Linux apps. The Linux installer wasn’t working for many users, meaning their Chromebooks were unable to install Chrome OS’s Linux apps support. Google eventually fixed this problem with another update.

Now, the company is rolling out Chrome OS version 91.0.4772.165 in the stable channel and it is bug-laden as well. For those unfortunate users who have installed the latest update, they have been locked out of their devices.

This is concerning, to say the least. The past two Chrome OS updates have both come with major bugs. If you consider that the updates pass through three developer channels before hitting the end-users on the stable channel, it clearly points towards a lack of quality control from Google. Hopefully, the company will roll out a fix soon to put the affected users out of their misery. We’ll be keeping an eye on this development.