Square Enix Confirms It Has Delayed Just Cause: Mobile Until 2022

Just Cause Mobile Android

Just Cause is a popular franchise from Square Enix, and it was slated to get a mobile release this year, but the publisher has now confirmed that it will need to delay the launch of Just Cause: Mobile until 2022.

While unfortunate, this news is hardly surprising and a delay of Just Cause: Mobile was probably inevitable. Given the pandemic had hit many studios pretty hard and caused more than a few game delays since this year and last. It’s also likely for the better. As this means the developers will get more time to work on the game before a release.

Ultimately, more time for development should (and hopefully does) mean the game will receive more polish, and that devs get more rest time. Square Enix also likely wants to make extra sure that everything is ready and up to par.


A Just Cause: Mobile delay had to happen

Square Enix doesn’t give super intricate details about the decision to push back the game. However, in a brief post on the official Just Cause: Mobile Twitter it does cite the pandemic as a big reason for making the decision.

Stating that it forced the game’s development studio to make necessary changes to the work flow and schedule. Obviously, for health and safety reasons of the staff. Those changes though did mean that development would come along with new and inevitable challenges.

Like slowed development and remote working conditions. This led Square Enix to push back the game’s launch date so it could ensure everything goes smoothly and that things aren’t rushed. Sure, it’s probably disappoint for some of the fans. But in the end it’s the right decision for the development team and the game.


There’s no exact release date

2022 is a rather broad time frame. But there’s a reason for that too. Square Enix doesn’t want to overpromise. The publisher announced the game back in 2020, and then confirmed the game would release in 2021. For both Android and iOS devices. Back in March it also showed off a cinematic trailer.

But it didn’t mention an exact launch date for this year when the schedule was still on track before the delay. And things haven’t changed. The new release window is sometime in 2022. But for now that’s all the information there is.

Square Enix does however state that it will have more to share soon.