Incoming Update Fix For Beleaguered Chromebooks Changes A Single Typo

Chromebook Logo Spin 713 Alt DG AH 2020

Following several false starts that ultimately led to users being locked out of their Chromebooks by an update, among other problems, Google has finally narrowed down the issue. Now, reports indicate that Google’s issue that the new update will fix for Chromebooks is the result of a single typo. With the company indicating that a fix is coming sooner rather than later.

What’s going on with Chromebooks and how could the fix be on a single typo?

For clarity, the latest fix rolling out for Chromebooks via an update follows on a string of botched changes, rather than hinging on a single typo overall. The company’s woes started with reports that an update to Chrome OS 91 was slowing the gadgets down on several boards. And that the slow-downs were the result of overuse by the system of the CPU processes.

Google subsequently turned around and pulled the update causing that issue, which only led to further problems. Namely, on the Linux side of things, where users were no longer able to use Linux containers.


Another subsequent ‘fixed’ update, unfortunately, caused even more problems. Instead of simply fixing matters, a typo was allowed to push through to release. More specifically, an extra ampersand symbol was added accidentally to a line of code. And that resulted in users being locked out, with the system unable to decrypt log-in credentials.

This won’t remain a problem for long

There is some good news here though, despite Google’s apparent lack of oversight — or potentially despite its panic about releasing so many faulty changes for an ecosystem sold on how robust and secure it is. The update is coming soon. And it won’t require users to powerwash or lose data to gain access. Instead, it’ll be applied as part of the automatic updating system. So, when users’ Chromebooks apply the update during a restart.

Better still, the fix is slated to start rolling out today. Just in time for the next string of updates — Chrome OS 92 — to begin arriving in approximately six days’ time.