Huawei May Launch A Phone With An Under-Display Camera & Audio Jack

Huawei smartphone under display camera audio jack

Huawei may be preparing a phone with an under-display camera and an audio jack. The company patented a new smartphone design at CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration).

The documentation for this patent was released today, on July 9. Several models are shown in this patent, though the differences between them are minimal. They mostly come down to slight differences in the positioning of the rear-facing cameras.

Huawei may launch a smartphone with an under-display camera & audio jack

In any case, this patent presents a smartphone with an under-display camera, and an audio jack, as you can see. The bezels are essentially non-existent, as black bars will likely be minimal or non-existent.


This smartphone also has a side-facing fingerprint scanner that doubles as a power / lock key. It’s interesting Huawei didn’t patent such a device with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The device has three cameras on the back, which are vertically-aligned. An LED flash is located right below them, and is a part of the same camera island. The volume up and down buttons sit right above the power key.

An audio jack is located at the top of the device, while a Type-C USB port sits at the bottom, along with the main speaker. Huawei’s logo is included on the back, and the display is flat on the device.


Thus far, only ZTE released a phone with an under-display camera

Huawei still didn’t release a smartphone with an under-display camera, well, nobody did, except ZTE. Samsung is expected to do it soon, with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. That camera will allegedly be easily visible, though.

The Huawei P50 series is right around the corner, but it remains to be seen if those devices will offer an under-display camera. Huawei is expected to announce up to three smartphones.

The company’s flagship P50 series was supposed to arrive a couple of months ago, but it has been delayed. That’s not exactly surprising due to the US ban, it made things really complicated for the company. The devices are expected to arrive soon, though.