Google TV Adds A Dedicated 2020 Tokyo Olympics Page

google tv olympics

Tokyo Olympics begins on Friday. And just to give easy access to all the related content, Google is now adding a dedicated 2020 Tokyo Olympics Page in the ‘For You’ tab of its interface.

This new Google TV 2020 Tokyo Olympics page will help users to find videos and other content related to the Olympics easily without any hassle.

So, if you are an ardent fan of the Olympics and wouldn’t miss anything related to it for the world, then this new addition by Google on Google TV is pretty sweet.


As noted by 9To5Google, one of the biggest improvements or say distinguished between Google TV and Android TV experience, is the addition of the ‘For You’ tab.

Notably, this gives its users access to movies, TV shows, games, and more. In the recent past, Google has added multiple features to this Google TV ‘For You’ tab to make it more appealing.

For instance, it gained a place to show recently played Stadia games, offers celebrity-curated ‘Watch with me’ playlists that contain a list of shows watched by celebs.


Fast forward to now, to make 2020 Tokyo Olympics content discovery easy for its users, Google TV ‘For You’ tab is getting an Olympics section.

Google TV Olympics section will have content from all the various official broadcaster apps

To give you more insight on this newly added Olympics section, it will have content from all of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics official broadcaster apps. Along with YouTube live streams and past events.

On top of all this, this section will also include sports-related content from TV, movies, shows, as well as videos about Japan and its rich culture. Apparently, this will help viewers to connect and understand the host country, as they cannot be there in person.


Besides, Google has taken this step as a part of the larger push to provide a dedicated space during the games. FYI, YouTube is already deeply integrated with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It will even show complete stats of the games, on-screen.

Additionally, apart from Google TV and YouTube, Google has also put its voice assistant to work as well. Users can make use of Google Assistant to clarify all their doubts related to the Olympic games, and ask questions such as “Hey Google, who won women’s basketball in the Olympics?.”

The voice assistant will also give quick answers to the results of the matches and medals board. So, you can keep yourself always updated about the games.