Google To Finally Stop Chrome From Embarassing You In Screen Sharing

Chromebook Notifications DG AH 2021

Google is now working on a way to stop notifications in Chrome from cropping up during screen sharing sessions. That’s based on a recent report from Android Police, detailing a recent change to the Chromium Gerrit code repository.

The change is fairly straightforward, on closer inspection. In effect, it changes the way notifications are muted during screen sharing sessions. Those are already hidden, in terms of content, but now users will have the option to snooze them.

As described by Google, the change adds a “Snooze action button to the Mute Notifications.” That’s the notifications option shown during screen sharing. That new option stops future notifications from showing up. And it keeps it that way until the screen sharing session is stopped. After the screen sharing session is closed out, all of those notifications will be available, with new ones popping up again.

What screen sharing will this change to Google Chrome notifications be good for?

The most obvious use-case for this new feature is screen sharing for meetings. Or other work related tasks. And that’s not just for the obvious privacy reasons — it’s not always a good idea to share content from incoming notifications with everybody users might share their screen with.


This will also be great for users looking to stay on topic and on task during presentations of just about any kind. Since Chrome won’t even be notifying users about notifications, let alone showing blank notifications.

When, and where, is this coming?

Now, as noted by the source, the flag needed to turn on the new snooze feature for Google Chrome notifications during screen sharing isn’t ready yet. In fact, it isn’t even in the experimental Canary Channel yet. It should arrive there within the next few updates. But, digging deeper into the code underneath the change, it isn’t just coming to Windows or Mac either. Android and Chrome OS are also among the operating systems shown.