Stadia Could Be Transitioning To A White Label Offering


It looks like Google is prepping Stadia to become a white label offering, if a new job listing is any indication. A new LinkedIn job listing discovered by Cloudygames (via 9To5Google)shows that Google is looking for a Product Manager for Stadia. That all seems fairly normal. But it’s not the actual job title that grabs the attention.

Rather, it’s a portion of the job description that indicates Google has a new strategy for Stadia in the works. In this description, Google says it sees an important opportunity to “make its infrastructure and tools available to partners who want to build their own interactive streaming platforms.”

While it doesn’t come right out and directly say it, that would be using Stadia as a white label offering. To put it another way, Stadia would be the foundation for another streaming product coming from a different company.


A Stadia white label offering doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Stadia

As of right now, Google doesn’t appear to have shared anything publicly about its future plans for the current form of Stadia. That is to say the product that users currently get to interact with. The one that’s Google-operated.

With Google exploring the opportunity of lending Stadia’s tech to other companies though, it would stand to reason that at the very least, Google could continue offering Stadia from its end while other companies offer their own product built on Stadia technology.

Stadia’s future is all but spent though. Most likely. While Google doesn’t share active user numbers, it is still continuing to bring in new games. In the form of new AAA and indie titles that are launching day and date with other platforms. As well as games that are new to Stadia but have already launched elsewhere prior.

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Google is also still building out the platform with new features and improvements. That still kind of leaves things open-ended. And that probably won’t change until Google officially confirms what this means for Stadia if it decides to pursue using it as a white label foundation for partners.

For now, subscribers can keep on enjoying what they have in their library. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to continue watching Stadia closely now.