Google Provides More Details On The New Safety Section In Google Play

google play data privacy security

At Google I/O in May, the company announced that there would be a new Safety section coming to Google Play. But did not offer a lot of details about that at first. Now, the company is providing us with more details on this change.

This new safety section will allow developers to give users deeper insight into their privacy and security practices. It also allows developers to explain the data that they are collecting and why. And all of this is visible before the user installs the app.

Obviously, all developers will need to show this information, but Google wants to give developers plenty of time to get their apps updated for this change. The deadline for this change is April 2022, as of right now.


What is the Data Privacy & Security section?

It’ll be located towards the bottom of the Google Play page for each app, above the reviews section. So if you are one that always scrolls down to see the reviews before downloading an app, you will see this section too.

The Data Privacy and Security section will show the security practices for the app like data encryption. As well as whether it can be deleted. Whether it works with the Google Families policy and if it has been independently reviewed, against a global security standard.

That’s what it will show by default, but you can tap into the summary and see even further details. Which includes what type of data is collected and shared, like location, contacts, personal information, financial information and more. As well as how the data is used, such as for app functionality, personalization and more. And whether the data collection is optional or required in order to the use the app.


Today, Google is announcing the policy, but you won’t see this new section in Google Play until early 2022. But developers can start declaring the information in the Google Play Console, in October 2021. As you can see in the roadmap below. Keep in mind that these dates can change.

google play data privacy security roadmap