Jump On This Really Low Priced Pixel 4 Deal Before It's Too Late

Google Pixel 4 Hands On AM AH 6 1

The Google Pixel 4 may not have been Google’s most popular Pixel to date, but it’s still a great device and right now the 64GB model is on sale over at Amazon for a staggeringly low price.

When this phone launched, it retailed for $799.99. A rather high price for the lower storage amount model. It continued to hold that price for quite some time, but now the price has been slashed by half. So this is really a deal you don’t want to miss if you’re looking for a phone upgrade. Or a backup. Or a phone for your kids.

Just to recap, the Google Pixel 4 64GB is on sale at Amazon right now for $399.99. Down from $799.99. So you’re saving half on Google’s flagship device from 2019. Sure, the phone is a couple of years old now. But it’s still going to get the Android 12 update. Which means it has at least one more year of software updates beyond the Android 11 it’ll come out of the box with.


Worth noting is that this price only seems to be available for the Just Black color variant. And only on the 64GB model.

With the Pixel 4, you not only get Google’s exceptional camera software, but you also get cool features like the motion sense, which works great for the face unlock and things like pausing and playing music tracks. You can also use it for silencing alarms.

There’s a 3,140mAh battery inside, as well as wireless charging, Night Sight for the camera for astrophotography, and USB-C for the plug. Overall this is still one of Google’s best phones, and this is as low as it’s ever been. If you’re in the market for a new phone or just want an upgrade, and you want to snag this deal for yourself, you can do so by clicking this link.


Google Pixel 4 64GB - Just Black