Google Now Has Haptic Feedback When Scrolling Photos

Google Photos AH NS 03

Google is a company that’s capable of really big things. Regardless, it still has time to focus on the little bits and pieces. A new update to Google Photos brings haptic feedback when you’re scrolling through your photo library. This was spotted by a Reddit user.

You will feel a click when quickly scrolling through your photos

This change was really under the radar. When you are scrolling through the photo library, you will now feel a little click for each month that passes by. You will only feel the haptic feedback when using the fast scroll bar. As speculated by 9To5Google, this feature may have landed between versions 5.46 and 5.49. Google didn’t seem to put this feature in the update notes on Google Play.

This feature should be available on any phone running the most recent version of the software. The only issue is that it might not be as effective for some devices. Some cheaper phones might not have good enough vibration motors. The charm of this feature is to give a quick and punchy tactile click to represent each month. Cheaper phones might not be capable of doing this.


Trying the feature out on an LG Velvet, the haptic feedback was crisp and quick. By contrast, trying this on an LG Stylo 5, the feedback was an indistinguishable smear. This means that your results will vary. If you aren’t able to feel the haptic feedback, you should go to the Play Store and make sure that your version of Google Photos is up to date.

Along with the haptic feedback, Google Photos lets you request photos from shared albums

If you have access to a shared album on Google Photos, you are able to view the photos and videos there. If you want the creator of the album to send you photos, you will have the ability to request that person send you the content.

While in the album, you will have the option to send a request to the owner. If you tap the request option, you will then send a link to them. The owner will then accept to send you the content. Right now, we don’t know if you will have the option to request certain pictures or if you will only be able to request the entire album.


For the time being, Google is testing out this feature, so we don’t know if this will even be available to the public. It’s now in a closed beta stage. Only time will tell if this feature will see the light of day.