Google CEO Hypes Up Android 12, Upcoming Pixel Smartphones & "Deep Technology Investments"

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During its quarterly earnings call yesterday, Alphabet and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai talked quite a bit about the company’s consumer hardware efforts, then normal. Really hyping up the upcoming Pixel launch this fall, as well as Android 12.

Pichai did a small recap of everything the company announced at Google I/O in May. And mentioned that Google’s fall hardware would “showcase” Android 12 and its “deep technology investments”. Which led many people to believe Pichai was talking about Google’s rumored silicon, Whitechapel.

He also noted that “Pixel remains at the heart of that long-term strategy” and to “push boundaries”. He ended this part of the call by talking about the new Google Store in New York City. And a tease of what products are coming soon. “I’m proud of how the team continues to deliver the best of Google through our family of helpful devices, including Nest and Fitbit. You can see all of these devices at our first retail store in New York City, and l’m looking forward to seeing some new ones there soon.”


Pichai didn’t reveal anything we weren’t expecting

Even without looking at the rumor mill, Pichai did not reveal anything about Google’s fall hardware launch that we didn’t expect.

We expect that the next round of Pixel devices will launch on Android 12. After all, that will be launch either late next month or early September. And Google keeps talking about its “deep technology investments”. Which could be new silicon, it could be new camera research and development, or really anything else. So Pichai left us with quite the cliff hanger here, and we’ll have to wait until this fall to see what he meant.

From the leaks, it looks like Google is finally getting serious with Pixel. And giving us some pretty incredible smartphones this time around. And actually looking to compete with Samsung and others.