The Google Assistant Corner Swipe Now Has A Disable Toggle

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If you’re using a Pixel device with the Pixel launcher running on Android 12, you can disable that swipe to invoke Google Assistant feature now. As of this morning, Google officially released the third beta version of Android 12. The next version of Android, which Google is slated to release the stable build for later this year.

Swipe to invoke Google Assistant appeared with Android 11, but it’s only with this version of Android 12 that you’ve been able to turn the functionality off. The feature, which some find quite useful, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for everyone. In fact you might go so far as to say that some users prefer it wasn’t there. Your wish is Google’s command with Android 12.

While the feature is definitely useful, it’s not as necessary in Android 12. Because Google is giving users multiple ways to initiate the same thing.


Android 12 intros toggle for Google Assistant swipe in system navigation

If you’re already running the beta and you want to disable this toggle on your own device, it won’t take long. In fact you can find it in the same spot as other system navigation options. Inside of that system navigation menu, tap on the settings for the gestures.

There you’ll find the new toggle for swiping to invoke the Assistant at the very top. So it’s hard to miss if you know how to get to this menu. From the settings, look for gestures, then system navigation, and then tap on gesture settings.

This should be the same spot this toggle is in once Android 12 is finalized and the stable build heads out.

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Why Google didn’t add this from the beginning is unclear. But for whatever reason it must not have seen the need to implement it. But that’s changed, and it’s a change for the better since it gives users more control.

Android 12 beta 3 is sure to pop up more new changes outside of the ones that Google highlighted from its announcement. So expect to see more details about the latest version of the software in the coming days. As new changes will be discovered after it gets more use.