Final Fantasy I,II, & III Pixel Remasters Launch On Android Early

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At the beginning of the month, Square Enix announced it would be launching pixel remasters of the first three Final Fantasy games. The company said that it would be launching these come July 29th. However, according to Android Police, it looks like someone at the company got a little impatient, as the remasters have just hit the Play Store.

The three Final Fantasy games got a big visual overhaul

The most notable thing about these pixel remasters is the fact that the visuals have been updated. They’re still pixel graphics, but there’s a noticeable difference from the original versions. For those who don’t know, the first three Final Fantasy games were originally released on the NES, meaning that they had 8-bit graphics.

The pixel remasters brings the graphics closer to what we saw in the Super Nintendo. Environments and characters are much more detailed with shadows, highlights, and more colors. It remains true to the charm of the original games, however.


Even though this is still 2D, there are some 3D elements added to the game. Areas where you fly your ship are now 3D. This seems like more of a nod to the NES’s Mode 7 graphics technique. There’s also a screen transition that has the screen breaking up into small blocks in a 3D space.

Another aspect of the graphical changes is in the effects. There are new effects in the pixel remasters that really stand out. Certain effects like smoke and dust have been given a revamp. And let’s not forget the attacks! There are new and improved attack animations that go off when characters do certain attacks.

What additions will the pixel remaster bring?

The graphics aren’t the only things that were updated. The sound of the game was updated as well. We can expect a rearranged score to create a more modern sound. Some people may like the original chiptune sound, but the general audience might not.


According to the report, these remasters will be able to play at a full 60fps, which should be great to look at. Since this is a remaster that’s also for mobile, the UI was revamped to accommodate tapping and swipes. While that’s neat, there will be no controller support on the mobile version. On the upside, it’s a lot easier to save your game data with the quick save feature and cloud saving functions.

If you want to play these games, you will have to shell out a pretty penny. The first two games will cost you $11.99 each, while the third game will cost you $17.99. If you’re dying to relive the good old days of Final Fantasy Classic, then it might be worth the price. These are also available on Steam.