The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Is Available For $20 Off Right Now

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Sale

Whether you vlog or you simply want more stabilized videos from your smartphone, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3, which is on sale by the way, is a tool that you definitely want to have on you. It’s a smartphone gimbal which helps to stabilize your video recordings using  a 3-axis system that moves to adjust as your hand moves. Thus keeping your smartphone as steady as possible, and way more steady than you could likely hold your phone yourself.

Thanks to its easy to use controls on the handle too, starting the recording can be done with the single press of a button.

But, it also supports gestures. Allowing you to snap easy selfies. It can start recording, take regular photos with the main camera on your device and more just by signaling too. There’s also a sports mode. You can activate this to make sure that you capture all of the fast-paced movements that you might encounter. And it’s the perfect mode for anything you might be trying to capture that might be too quick without this mode. Resulting in blurry photos or shaky footage.


Thanks to the Active Track 3.0 technology inside, DJI says this can seamlessly track anything your smartphone camera sees. So there should be no worry about it missing the moment or simply tracking the wrong object.

Other features, like the M button on the handle let you adjust the tracking to capture things from any angle. Or the Quick Roll feature which swaps between landscape and portrait modes in a snap. This sale is available for two different versions of the device. The Osmo Mobile 3 by itself, which is on sale for $80, or the combo, which is on sale for $100 and includes a few extras. Like a tripod, a carry pouch and more.

You can snag this deal by clicking here.


DJI Osmo Mobile 3