Dell Is Slashing The Price Of This Alienware Gaming Monitor While Supplies Last

Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor Sale

Alienware makes some really good gaming hardware, and this includes monitors, like this monitor that’s on sale through the Dell website today. This is a limited quantity deal, and not a limited time deal. As Dell will only be selling the monitor at its sale price while supplies last.

With that said, you should probably jump on the deal while you have time. Because there’s no telling how quickly the sale will go away. Normally this 27-inch gaming monitor from Alienware costs $550, but it’s currently on sale for $320. Which is a huge discount for a gaming monitor like this one.

Aside from having a 27-inch screen, it’s an IPS panel so you should experience less glare. It also supports a refresh rate of up to 240Hz for blazing fast visual response in games, and it supports both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync protocols.


The monitor has a wide collection of ports, including two HDMI ports, though neither of them are HDMI 2.1. When it comes to resolution this is a Full HD monitor.

There’s a few other things about this monitor of note that make it a great option if you need a new gaming monitor. For one, there’s built-in cable management. If you hate clutter around your desk, then the cable management can’t be understated. The monitor has VESA mount support as well. So if you don’t really like the stand, you can mount the monitor instead. Although, you would lose the cable management in the process. As that’s part of the stand.

To reiterate, this is a limited quantity deal. So supplies may not last for long. If you want to snag this deal for yourself, now is probably the time. You can pick up the monitor directly from Dell by clicking this link.


Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor - Dell