[Update: Fixed] Chrome OS 91 Update Brings Performance Trouble For Some Chromebooks

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UPDATE: After initially struggling to roll back the update, resulting in a broken Linux container in Chrome OS, Google has now fixed the issues plaguing Chrome OS 91 for some devices. Taking the version number back to 91.0.4472.147. The fix has been reported as implemented as of July 14 and should be rolling out widely now to all affected users.

Some users on Google’s Chrome OS platform for Chromebooks are reportedly noticing serious performance trouble after the most recent update –specifically, with Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.147.

The underlying issue has not been identified just yet but users point to reduced performance, lag, and general slowdowns. And the culprit appears to be a process that’s over-utilizing the CPU.


That process is, in fact, utilizing up to 100-percent of the resource in some cases. In those cases, other processes are unable to utilize any of the CPU’s processing power. Although more commonly, there is still some CPU power left for those processes. It simply isn’t as much as there used to be or, in many cases, enough for a smooth experience.

What Chromebooks is this apparent Chrome OS 91 bug causing trouble for?

The apparent bug doesn’t appear to be affecting every Chromebook the same, however. Some Chromebooks don’t appear to be impacted or causing any performance trouble at all with the Chrome OS 91 update. And all of the current reports that do self-identify a specific Chromebook point to those using the grunt and hatch boards.

With that said, this could be impacting a wider swath of the Chrome OS ecosystem and users simply aren’t sharing which Chromebook they have on every report. So it could ultimately be impacting any given Chromebook.


This may not be impacting all Chromebooks, even among those affected

Now, this also may not be impacting all grunt and hatch board-based Chromebooks. Android Headlines uses at least one Samsung Galaxy Chromebook — based on the Hatch board. And that specific Chromebook has been running the latest update to Chrome OS without any trouble at all. So the issue at hand may be less about which board a Chromebook is using.

That doesn’t necessarily make the trouble being caused by the latest Chrome OS 91 update for Chromebooks any better. Users will likely want to proceed with caution installing the update. Or hold off updating until a fix has been implemented.