The Little Air Fryer That Could – The Bella Pro Series Is Just $20!

Bella Pro Series

The Bella Pro Series 2 qt Air Fryer is on sale at Best Buy for just $20 right now. Listen, that’s a steal because it normally goes for a regular price of $50. Air fryers are a great tool to have in the kitchen because they can help you cut down on the more fatty fried foods that come along with standard deep frying.

And if you like your fried foods, then you have to make a decision. Eat more of the regular deep fried stuff, or try to supplement it by sometimes eating air fried foods. With the Bella Pro Series sale going on, you can have the best of both worlds. Never be without your chicken tendies again.

With this machine’s 2qt. capacity you can fry up to 1.7 pounds of food at a time. Even if you don’t plan to cook that much food at once, just knowing that you can is a little bit of peace of mind. Because sometimes you might want to cook for more than just yourself or you may be trying to meal prep.


You also aren’t required to preheat the Bella Pro Series air fryer because it puts out 1200w of power within the heating system. So just toss in whatever you’re trying to cook and set it up. Then you’re good to go when the timer is up.

In addition to air frying, you can also use the Bealla Pro Series to broil, bake, and roast. All while using a lot less oil. Compared to what you would with the regular ways you would cook those types of food. It has an automatic shutoff too. So even if you forget to power it off yourself, you won’t have to worry about it staying on all night.

If you want to grab this amazing deal, you can pick up the Bella Pro Series 2qt. from Best Buy by clicking here.


Bella Pro Series Air Fryer - Best Buy