EA Unveils Portal Mode For Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Portal

Today during EA Play Live, EA revealed the last new gameplay mode for Battlefield 2042, called Portal. Portal is essentially a player-driven mode that lets the player create their gameplay experience.

Players can mix and match various elements of gameplay like what game in the franchise their characters come from. Or what weapon loadouts to include. While players having control over the mode seems to be the big focus of Portal, EA says that there will also be a collection of match types that are pre-configured by the development team.

Portal is expected to launch with Battlefield 2042 this Fall and will be a day-one offering. So players can dive into it right from the start if they wish. You can learn more about everything related to Battlefield 2042 here.


Battlefield 2042 will let players “create their own experience” in Portal mode

A player-created sandbox is the idea behind Portal. Which could make this turn out to be the most interesting mode of all the ones the game will offer. As there would be a seemingly infinite amount of possibilities in terms of player-created match types.

Players can create matches that include characters from four different games, including Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 2042. In addition, this mode will allow players to select from a variety of maps from any of those titles in the franchise.

Within Battlefield Portal, which is how EA and Dice are officially referring to the mode, players will have a wide array of adjustable elements at their fingertips. From settings to custom modes, players can finetune their gameplay experience.


There’s even a logic editor that lets players have a more granular control over everything. EA says that anyone can use the logic editor. However, it’s aimed at those who have prior knowledge of visual scripting logic.

Change just about any setting within the experience

Battlefield 2042 Logic Editor

EA isn’t holding back when it comes to the community creation. With the settings alone, players can tweak the maps, the factions, the mobility, the visibility, the scale, and the arsenal. For example, you could disable player ability to use basic functions like going prone or aiming down sights.


The logic editor is really where things take off though. Allowing you to change a whole host of things. You can use the logic editor to do things like set the conditions for match victory, and define the rules of a match type. You can also use it to set the consequences of in-game events.

Player creations can even be shared with other players via a URL. After which players can play those modes as is, or make other adjustments to fit things to their liking. Portal is bound to be a popular game mode. And with the power EA is giving to the players, it’s easy to understand why. As they can play their way.