‘Backup by Google One’ Aims To Simplify Android Backups 

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Google has started rolling out the “Backup by Google One” feature in the form of an update. This would replace the default Android backup service available on the settings page. The idea here is to offer a more unified backup experience to the users.

Backup by Google One will also cover photos/videos (Google Photos), MMS messages, and any other data you would like to backup. Management and other controls for these backups are accessible from the same page. Users can also access these backup preferences from the standalone Google One app or the website.

While MMS backup was enabled last year, it was only accessible via the Google One app. Users can now head over to Android settings to find the MMS backup toggle.


Even though the backup option now has a prominent Google One branding, 9to5Google reports that this new system will be rolled out to all Google accounts. The company reportedly plans to continue improving the Android backup experience.

The new backup option has started appearing on Android 8.0 devices as of this week

Android backups generally consist of general device-related settings, including wallpapers, WiFi networks/passwords, date, time, languages, and so on. So it makes sense for Google to bring them together.

Backup by Google One has reportedly started hitting Android 8.0 devices as of earlier this week. The update should be widely available over the next few weeks. Google should offer more information when the feature is ready for a wider rollout. The new backup option is accessible via Android settings – System – Backup.

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All Google account users receive at least 15GB of free Google One storage. Anything over this limit will require purchasing a subscription. Google made it easier for non-paying subscribers by unlocking the Storage Manager section on Google One last year.

Google One is turning into one of the prominent comprehensive storage services out there. It has seen multiple enhancements since it arrived in 2018.

The company also stepped into the VPN segment last year with the announcement of “VPN by Google One.” However, this service is only available for paying customers. It was designed to offer an additional incentive for subscribers of Google One.