The Apex Legends Mobile Beta Rolls Out To More Countries Soon

Apex Legends Mobile

The Apex Legends Mobile beta is underway in India and the Philippines, but Respawn and EA are getting ready to roll it out to more countries in the very near future. According to a tweet from Respawn back on June 23, there are a few more countries where the Apex Legends Mobile beta will spin up.

Unfortunately, none of these will include the US. So there’s no way for US players to try things out at this early stage. That is unless you’re currently in one of the countries where the beta will end up going live. Apex Legends Mobile is slated for a release in 2021, but there’s no firm date yet. So the beta is your only chance to play it right now.

The Apex Legends Mobile beta hits five more countries soon

If you live in India or the Philippines, then you can sign up to participate in the beta if you haven’t already done so. Pre-registering for the game on Google Play will put you in the running for beta access. Though, since the beta is already live there you should get access pretty quickly if you’re selected. So that should be your first step in getting to try things out early.


In addition to India and the Philippines, the beta will go live in Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Egypt, and Lebanon sometime within the next few weeks. Respawn doesn’t list an exact time for this rollout either. But as mentioned above, the best way to be in the know is to sign up for pre-registration via Google Play.

The beta is closed and still requires an invite

This is still a closed beta, so even though the beta is live in a couple of countries, you still need an invite to participate. The same goes for anyone who lives in the upcoming five countries where Respawn will launch the beta.


If you want a better chance at getting in though, it can’t hurt to sign up as early as possible. Now that Respawn has announced what the new countries will be, signing up now is a good idea.