Save 27% On This Excellent USB-C Charger From Anker

Anker USB C Fast Charger Sale

Amazon is having a great little sale on this fast charger adapter from Anker right now, dropping the price by 27% from its original cost. Normally you’d have to pay $22 for it, but the sale brings it down to just $16. Since this is a fast charger, you can expect to charge up your devices, like smartphones, wicked quick. So long as they support USB-C and they support fast charge.

The Anker 30W PIQ 3.0 Charger offers high-speed charging for Android devices, as well as iOS devices, and even some USB-C laptops. It’s also super small and compact. Which makes it really, really easy to toss in a bag, or even your pockets. And because of that it’s easy to take with you pretty much anywhere. Just don’t forget a USB-C cable or it’ll be useless.

Also worth noting is that the cable is not included with this purchase. So you’ll need to buy one if you don’t already own one. That being said, Anker also makes USB-C cables, and some pretty good ones at that. So you can probably find one of those on sale too.


There’s safety features baked in as well. So you don’t accidentally overcharge your device and cause power issues to it down the road. All-in-all, this is a great little adapter and it comes from one of the best brands making charging gear. Anker.

Of course the best parts about this charger are the speed at which it charges and how small it is. So if you’re looking to pick up an extra charger for work or travel, this is one of the best options you can probably find.

If you want to snag this deal for yourself, alongside a cable to go with it, you can do so by clicking this link. This isn’t a limited time deal.


Anker PIQ 3.0 USB-C Fast Charger - Amazon