Android Auto Beta Program Is Now Open To Everyone

Volkswagen ID 4 Android Auto 1

Google is opening up the Android Auto beta program to more users. Anyone with an Android device can now join the program to get early access to new and upcoming Android Auto features before they are rolled out publicly.

Android Auto has had a beta program for a long time now. However, it was pretty much impossible to join it until now. Attempting to sign up often resulted in an error saying the program has already reached the maximum number of users. Google likely wasn’t taking many testers on board at a time.

However, the company is now expanding the program to more willing users. Anyone who has a compatible Android smartphone and is ready to put up with bugs and the usually unstable nature of beta software can now opt-in. The process is fairly simple. Head over to this beta opt-in page and click the “Become a tester” button. Now download the beta version of the Android Auto app from the Play Store and you’re all set.


You’ll get early access to unreleased features that you can test out and provide feedback to the company. “As a beta tester, you can help us build a better version of Android Auto,” Google says. “You can test how well new features work with your specific phone and vehicle in your part of the world. When you share your feedback, we’ll use it to help plan improvements for future releases”. The company expectedly urges beta testers to not publicize or share details about unreleased features with other users.

You can also leave the beta program whenever you want. Simply visit the opt-out page, click on the “Leave the program” button, uninstall the beta app, and download the stable app from the Google Play Store. Note that you can only have one version of Android Auto installed on your phone at a time, either beta (if eligible) or stable.

Google opens Android Auto beta to more users as it expands the availability

The expansion of the Android Auto beta program comes at a time when Google is working on expanding the availability as well as usability of the app. Currently, Android Auto is available to users in over 40 major markets across the world. The company has promised to roll out the service to dozens of more countries in the coming months, including much of Eastern Europe and a handful of countries in Southeast Asia and Africa. It also last year announced that all Android 11 devices will connect Android Auto wirelessly to compatible vehicles.