Android 12 Will Ditch Font And Icon Customizations

Android 12 Logo AM AH 4

Android 12 is just about out of surprises as the third beta has been out for a while. A new discovery in the software has Pixel owners in a huff. The font and icon customization options that were present in the last two versions of Android are now gone. This issue was spotted in an Issue Tracker thread by XDA Developers.

The font and icon customization options were a favorite among Pixel users

Google is getting a lot of heat from users on the Issue Tracker thread. The company has decided to take away certain UI customization options that a lot of users really like. The options would give users more control over the look of their UI. By the response, a lot of users really loved these options.

These customization options gave people the ability to change the style of icons on the home screen and adjust the font of the text. Along with that, users could also change the color scheme of the system. What’s upsetting people is the fact that Google had these features in Android 10 and Android 11. Google just plucked these features from the software.


Google got rid of these options for ‘Material You’

In the Issue Tracker thread, the status of this issue is “intended behavior.” This means that Google is not planning on changing this any time soon. This was a decision by the company and not a bug. Google said that the new dynamic theming feature is “more modern and intelligent.”

Google has been pushing Material You into the limelight ever since it was announced. The radical new direction for stock Android is Google’s biggest change to the platform in years. The software automatically adjusts a lot of the UI’s look and feel for the user.

This is great for some users, but a lot of people who like to tinker and customize their software are really mad at Google. The company has not responded to the negative feedback as of yet. There’s always hope that Google could reverse this and give back the font and icon customizations.


In the thread, most users are comparing this new version of Android to iOS. What draws a lot of people to Android is the ability to make the UI their own. With the omission of these customization tools, the Pixel line inches closer into iPhone territory.

Only time will tell if we can expect Google to change its mind. If you don’t care about those customization tools, you can get Android 12 on devices as old as the Pixel 3. Be sure to check out the Android 12 beta if you can.