Android 12 Will Let You Play Games While They Download

Android 12 AH 5

Today during the Google for Games Dev Summit, Google announced that Android 12 will come with a Play As You Download feature for games. This push to make gaming even easier and more fun for Android users is sure to gain some attention. Perhaps even from those users that rarely touch games on their phones.

Google hinted at this feature last week. Stating that it would be revealing an Android 12 feature that would be “transformational.” No one was really sure at the time though what such a feature would be. Today’s reveal appears to be that feature. And transformational seems like it was a good description. As the ability to play games while you download them really does transform the gaming experience.

Android 12 will let you play games before you download them completely

This feature can be found in a number of places outside of Android. From PC games like World of Warcraft, Call Of Duty, Diablo III, Rainbow Six Siege and more. And even some games on PS5.


The play as you download feature for Android 12 should work just like it does on other platforms. By downloading the files necessary to play first. Before moving on to downloading the rest of the files that aren’t as integral to the play experience. Google says there ill be a beta for this feature for developers to test out.

Though, there’s no word on a beta for users. So most people may not get to try it until after they have Android 12 on their device. And even then, Google’s Pixel devices that are still getting updates may be the only ones with Android 12 in the first few weeks after its release.

Obviously, developers have to support this feature first. Even after Android 12 begins hitting devices, Play as You Download won’t mean much if there are no games that support it. That being said, with Google putting out a developer beta, it’s unlikely that there wouldn’t be any games that support the feature once Android 12 rolls out.


Even if the list starts small, chances are more developers will hop on board as time goes on. Especially if the process to include it doesn’t require much or any extra work on the developer’s part.