Android 12 Beta 3.1 Tweaks Rotate Animation

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Android 12 is reaching the end of its beta stage and getting ready to go official. The latest beta is bringing some slight aesthetic tweaks to the software. The Android 12 beta 3.1 makes a slight change to the screen rotation animation.

Not many people will notice this, but it’s still nice to have

This was spotted by 9To5Google. It will definitely take an eagle-eyed person to catch the difference in the screen rotation animation because it happens so quickly. When the screen would rotate in beta 3, it would swiftly spin and lock into the new orientation. The actual animation only lasts a couple of frames, so it’s hard to spot any difference.

In the Android 12 beta 3.1, there’s an ever-so-slight motion blur added into the animation. Also, there’s a subtle ease-in on the animation that makes it appear smoother. If you don’t compare them side-by-side, you won’t really notice any difference.


This change seems on par with modern software aesthetic trends

This is a slight change, but it really represents how modern software designers think. Now, there’s a common theme with modern operating systems and Android skins. Flat UI elements and sharp corners give way to rounded edges and bubbly menus.

This also goes with animations. Nowadays, there are animations for everything that happens in the software. When you start an app, close an app, pull down the notification shade, wake up your device, and anything else, there’s an animation that smoothly transitions from one state to the other.

There’s this emphasis on flow, fluidity, and smoothness nowadays. The round UI elements and animations all add to an overall smooth and fluid aesthetic for the software. A good example of this is the recent change made to Windows. Windows 11 will now sport round UI elements to better match the look of other software.

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With the Android 12 beta 3.1, the software is almost complete

Android 12 has developed a lot over the past couple of weeks from the first beta. Now, Google is in the final leg of the race with Android 12 getting closer to the official release. There will be a bunch of new features and additions to the software that people will probably like.

The big features include “Dynamic Color” which takes the main colors in your wallpaper and creates a custom color palette based on them. There’s also a custom app icon package that Google has made which will implement Dynamic Color.

A new feature will let you use apps as they download. After the essential elements of the app are downloaded and installed, the user will be able to use the app while the rest of the files are downloading. This will come in handy for people who are downloading large apps.


There are more new features to come, so if you want to try them out for yourself, you can get Android 12 on devices as old as the Pixel 3. Be sure to get it before the beta ends!