Amazon's 'New World' MMO Is Breaking More Than Just NVIDIA 3090s

New World

Over the last few days, players have been reporting that New World has been breaking their NVIDIA 3090 GPUs. But according to a new report from Tech Radar (via JayzTwoCents), it isn’t just 3090 GPUs that are having trouble with the game.

New World is a brand-new MMO from Amazon that is launching later this year. It’s currently in a closed beta, with access granted to players who either pre-ordered on Steam, or received a code. The earliest reports from players were that the game was bricking their NVIDIA 3090 cards. Causing shutdowns.

But it now seems reports have been coming in from players using other cards as well. Including the NVIDIA 3080Ti. Suggesting this isn’t a problem with the cards themselves, but with New World and how it renders parts of the game world.


New World is breaking more than just the 3090, including GPUs from AMD

So far, players have reported issues with a larger set of cards than what was originally thought. Aside from the NVIDIA 3090 and the NVIDIA 3080Ti, there have also been complaints of the game breaking a range of cards from AMD. Including the RX590, the 6800, the 6800XT, and the 6900XT.

Initially it seemed like the issues may have just been with newer cards. But now, with users complaining of the same issues on the RX590, a card from 2018, it seems clear that the issue with New World is impacting older GPUs as well. Suffice it to say it might be safer for players not to take the risk with the game at the moment. Though the problem doesn’t seem to have stopped many players. As New World is currently the most watched MMO on Twitch by a wide margin.

As of right now there are around 246k viewers for New World. The closest MMO after that, Final Fantasy XIV, is at 112k viewers. Less than half of what New World is pulling.


Suspicion is that the issues stems from a problem with the way New World is rendering the game. Though at this time Amazon hasn’t officially confirmed what’s causing people cards to break.