Amazon's Alexa Finally Gets A Male Voice

Amazon Alexa app UI logo AH 2020

Amazon’s Alexa is one of the top digital assistants keeping the world going ’round. After several years of speaking to us in a female voice, she finally has a male counterpart. As reported by The Ambient, the male voice for Alexa is now available to access.

The male voice for Alexa is the first official voice change for the assistant

As it stands, Alexa has had the same primary voice ever since she was launched back in November of 2014. You could change the accent and add guest celebrity voices, but you could never change the voice outright.

It’s been possible to change the voices on Siri and Google Assistant for some time. This led people to wonder why Amazon was hesitant on providing a male voice.


Enter, Ziggy

The male voice for Alexa comes with a new name, and that name is Ziggy. This may seem like an odd name, but it’s important for an assistant to have a name that’s less likely to be assigned to a human. This is to avoid accidental summons- people who are named Alexa have this issue.

If you are excited about hearing the voice for yourself, you can easily switch the voices with a simple command. Just summon Alexa and say “Alexa, change your voice.” After that, Alexa will become Ziggy. If you don’t have Alexa, then you can hear a short sound clip here.

There won’t be any sort of functionality changes with the new voice. Even with the new name, you will still use the name Alexa to summon the assistant. This was probably to avoid confusion.


Who is Amazon’s Alexa and what is she all about?

Amazon’s Alexa was introduced to the world in November of 2014. When launched, Alexa lived in the Amazon Echo smart speaker exclusively. Now, Alexa can be accessed on Echo Show devices, Amazon Fire tablets, Android devices, and even on some Lenovo laptops.

Alexa does the main functions that you would expect from a digital assistant. This includes setting alarms, getting weather forecasts, getting traffic information, searching the web, and, as always, looking up recipes. Alexa is one of the most popular digital assistants on the market.

While behind Siri and Google Assistant, Alexa has been able to establish an identity among the digital assistants. Alexa manages to be ahead of Bixby in the customer approval department.


The male voice for Alexa won’t really attract many more fans, but it’s something that people have been wanting for a while. It just makes the whole experience a bit more fun.