Some Alienware Desktops Get The Banhammer From California

Dell Alienware Aurora R11 Gaming Desktop New 01 1200x675 1

Some Alienware desktops are getting a ban in California because they reportedly draw too much power. The ban is also in place in five other US states. As two of Alienware’s desktops reach power consumption levels that surpass the regulations imposed in those states.

Basically, these Alienware Desktops are too power hungry to be sold in these locations, hence the sales ban. The states where Dell will no longer sell these desktops are California, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, Vermont, and Washington.

While it would technically be possible to buy these PCs in states where the ban isn’t imposed, that isn’t really a viable solution for most people. Because it would require driving to pick up the hardware and then driving it back. And since Dell will no longer ship these units to the above-mentioned six states, you can’t order them.


That also likely means Dell won’t be shipping them to businesses, which means you probably can’t buy them in-store in those states either.

Alienware desktops impacted by the ban include the Aurora R10 & R12

The desktops that are included in the ban are the Aurora R10 and the Aurora R12. And are reportedly the only two desktops that are part of this ban. Customers are still able to buy other Alienware desktop PCs, as well as the brand’s laptops. Dell has confirmed that select configurations of these two models are the only ones impacted by the ban across Dell and Alienware products.

If you try to place orders for either of those PCs named, Dell will cancel the order if it’s bound for one of the six states.


Dell says its decision was driven by the California Energy Commission’s mandatory energy efficiency standard for PCs. Which includes desktops, all-in-one CPU coolers, and mobile gaming systems.

And with the regulation in place, it’s likely that you wouldn’t be able to use either of the two PCs anyway. Assuming the power company you use in those states is able to pinpoint the power draw from the PC. And if the regulation would be imposed on anyone trying to use a PC that doesn’t meet the regulation’s requirements.