A Major Display Issue Is Rendering Several Galaxy S20 Units Useless

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Samsung‘s Galaxy S20 phones are having a major issue with their display. Several users have reported an issue where the phone’s screen is dying for no apparent reason. The first report surfaced in May but the problem seems to be escalating in recent weeks. The Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra appear to be the most affected models. However, the vanilla Galaxy S20 may not be completely safe either.

In almost all cases, the issue starts when scan lines appear on the display. The lines reportedly get worse over time, to an extent where the entire display goes white, or sometimes, green. At this point, the phone becomes unusable as the display doesn’t show anything.

This issue has been raised on several online forums including Reddit and Samsung’s official forums. A moderator on the latter suggested doing a device reset or booting it in safe mode. However, that seemingly doesn’t help. By the looks of it, getting a screen replacement is the only solution for this problem. But, since it’s been more than a year since the Galaxy S20 series launched, not everyone is covered by a warranty. So it could be a costly fix for many.


Meanwhile, Samsung has yet to comment on the matter. So it’s unclear whether the problem is caused by some software bug or it’s a hardware failure. Hopefully, we will hear something from the Korean company soon.

Galaxy S20 screens are dying for some users

Display issues aren’t uncommon on smartphones. Sometimes, a buggy software update can trigger an issue and it can be fixed with another update. But in some other cases, it could be a hardware failure. In such cases, users might require to get a replacement.

Users of Samsung devices have also experienced such screen problems in the past. The Galaxy S20 FE was reported to be having touchscreen issues last year. The Korean brand eventually fixed the problem with multiple software updates.


Its costlier siblings are now having display issues of their own. And this appears to be a more severe problem than the earlier one. The issue might not be a widespread one but for those affected, it’s a major problem as their smartphones have become useless bricks.

Nobody knows what’s causing this display issue on the Galaxy S20 series. More importantly, there doesn’t seem to be a fix apart from getting a costly replacement. We will let you know if and when Samsung provides an official statement on this issue.