Zoom Adds New Option For Sharing Your Pronouns

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If you use Zoom for all of your video calling needs, then the company is adding a new option for adding and sharing your pronouns. As per the official announcement, Zoom is adding an option where the pronoun will display along with a new field for it.

The option to display pronouns is one of the latest features that are in trend and adopted by many popular websites and web services. Zoom is the latest to join the bandwagon as it introduces the option to add “pronouns” with version 5.7.

We all know how the popularity of Zoom exploded during the pandemic, especially during the lockdown period. Everyone was working/studying/meeting via video calls, and Zoom became people’s go-to option.


Over the period of time, Zoom has added multiple options and features that have only added more feathers to the cap of this popular web service.

However, until now, users had to manually edit their display names during a live meeting. This could be done on their profile to show their pronouns.

Thankfully, the developers at Zoom listened to the user’s plea. Users can now display their pronouns in the dedicated text field on the profile page.


Zoom also gives its users the option of sharing controls for pronouns

Besides, from the dedicated text field, Zoom has also provided the sharing control option for pronouns. Notably, this would allow users to choose to automatically share their pronouns at every meeting.

Alternatively, the user can choose the option to let Zoom ask before every session. Moreover, there is one more option that completely disables the pronouns to show during meetings.

Do note that even though you have disabled the visibility of pronouns on your profile, the custom text filed will still be visible to the Zoom contacts, which will be a part of the profile card.


The pronouns field will be disabled by default for accounts with multiple users. Administrators, though, can turn ON from their account settings.

Instagram and Slack have already added this feature to their platforms. Twitter is also working on its own version of the pronouns field for revamped profiles. Flexibility to share pronouns on the profile card will be beneficial for users.

Dr. Lisa Coleman, NYU’s Senior Vice President for Global Inclusion said, “Improved options for personal expression lead to a more inclusive and collaborative Zoom experience, especially for a learning institution that’s as uniquely global and diverse as NYU.


FYI, it was Dr. Lisa Coleman’s team that provided input for pronouns feature design on Zoom.

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