YouTube Is Testing Timed Comments On Android & iOS

YouTube Timed Comments Feature

Thanks to YouTube’s ‘Timed Comments’ feature creators will be able to add timed comments to a specific portion of the video.

Users will be able to view comments timed to the exact part they are watching a video. The Google-owned video-sharing platform is currently testing the feature on Android and iOS.

However, it is available only for select videos and a small group of users. This feature is part of the “YouTube test features and experiments” program.


YouTube timed comments will come in handy

YouTube’s ‘Timed Comments’ will come in handy for those willing to read the comments section as it helps to find the good part of any video. On April 29, Google announced that it is testing the timed comments.

The feature is currently being tested for both Android, as well as iOS. The commenteer will be able to attach its comments to a specific portion of any video. This will allow them to click and load it up.

YouTube Timed Comments Feature 2


On the downside, Google is currently testing the new feature with a very small group. Android Police has shared a mockup image (above) of the feature, which is available in the Sort button in the comments section.

How do the  YouTube timed comments work?

Timed comments can be described as an upgraded version of a simple timestamp. Moreover, they can be compared to the replayed chat section on YouTube Live videos when played back as VOD (video on demand).

There is a similar feature in SoundCloud. The online audio distribution platform shows small tick marks on the scrobble bar showing where commenters linked their comments to a specific portion of a song.


It is still unclear whether the new feature will be available to more mobile users or YouTube to the web. Google will eventually reveal which of these features it keeps and which will be thrown away.

YouTube timed comments  feature is coming to more users

Rather than making timed comments available to some specific users, it appears that Google is enabling it for specific videos. AP was tipped to one such video. It was the Transformers action figure review.

YouTube Timed Comments 3YouTube Timed Comments 2YouTube Timed Comments 1


The publication found that it was working on the YouTube for Android app. The timed comments view appears when sorting comments on Android, but AP’s Michael Crider couldn’t reproduce it on iPad’s YouTube app.

It is worth noting that Google has already announced iOS support. Google said it will be rolling out the feature to more users based on feedback.

You can check if you are a part of this experiment by heading to the comments section on iOS or Android, and tapping the Sort button to select “Timed Beta.”