YouTube Adds Video Playback Speed Controls For Android TV

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Android TVs are generally not among the first in line to receive new features or even updates. However, some progress is made in this direction, as YouTube is rolling out the video playback speed control feature for the Android TV app.

Notably, as per a report by 9To5Google, Google is deploying this new playback speed control feature for the YouTube Android TV app widely.

This is a server-side update. Meaning that you do not need to fiddle around the Google Play Store to manually update the YouTube Android TV app.


For those who don’t know, this feature is already available in the YouTube mobile app and website. The video playback control feature will allow the user to slow down or speed up a video on YouTube.

It could be beneficial for scenarios where you are watching a recipe video or a cooking video. You can simply increase the playback speed of the video and consume all the information speedily.

Well, that is just one scenario we have talked about. There are several other informative videos that, for some reason, are slow and are more enjoyable watching at increased speeds.


Video speed control is buried under the settings menu on the YouTube Android TV app

In order to check if your Android TV has received the server-side push for the YouTube app, you have to head over to the extended Settings menu, while playing a video.

After a few remote taps here and there, you will land on the video playback speed control feature. From here, you will see multiple options to adjust the speed of the video from 0.25x speed to 0.5x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x speeds.

The setting you select for one video applies to other videos that you play as well. Not sure if you would want to watch every video on slowed or increased speeds. But that is there.


The feature is available on the YouTube app for Android TV, set-top box, and Chromecast. To be exact, this video playback controls feature is live for the YouTube Android TV app v2.13.08.

As already mentioned, this feature is not entirely new. It is only just now arriving for Android TV. This option previously debuted on the app for the app on LG, Samsung, and other TV platforms.

You can wait for the server-side switch or you can head over to the APK Mirror website and side-load the app on your Android TV.