You Can Get BET+, EPIX, Parmount+ & More Streaming Services For Just $0.99 Per Month!

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As part of its early Prime Day sales, Amazon is also discounting a number of Prime Video Channels, which you can get the first two months for $0.99 each. Then it’ll be full price afterwards. This is a good way to check out some new streaming services for more than a week, without paying full price.

The following streaming services are included in this deal:

Keep in mind that after the two months are over with, you will be paying the full price. So if you don’t want to pay the full price and keep the service, make sure to cancel after two months. A good way to set a reminder is to put it on your calendar, about 58 or 59 days from now so you can cancel before Amazon charges you for it.


You can cancel at any time by going to your Prime Video Channels Manager. And this goes for any of the video channels available on Amazon Prime, not just those listed above. These prices are good until June 22 – when Prime Day ends.