Yahoo Mobile Is Shutting Down, Users Are Suggested To Switch To Visible

Yahoo Mobile

Yahoo Mobile, an MNVO (mobile network virtual operator) that uses Verizon’s network for its wireless services, is shutting down. The mobile phone service provider will cease its operations on August 31st. Your lines may terminate earlier depending on your monthly service cycle though. Yahoo has notified its subscribers of this shutdown over an email last week.

According to the company, all existing Yahoo Mobile customers will have service for their current monthly billing cycle. They will also be able to renew the service for one more month, but only until July 16th. After this date, users will not be able to renew their subscriptions. The service will end when the active billing expires.

So Yahoo Mobile will essentially offer wireless services until August 16th. You’ll still be able to log in and access your account until the end of the month though. But you would want to switch to some other wireless service provider by mid-August to maintain your number.


Yahoo Mobile is shutting down because Verizon sold Yahoo

Verizon last month announced that it is selling its Verizon Media group to New York-based private equity firm Apollo Global Management for worth around $5 billion. Yahoo was also a part of Verizon’s media group. As a result, Yahoo Mobile, which offered its wireless services over Verizon’s network, is now being forced to shut down its operations.

Yahoo Mobile isn’t the most popular MVNO out there anyways. The company doesn’t offer a great selection of devices. However, if you’re a Yahoo Mobile subscriber, the company is suggesting you switch to Visible, another Verizon-operated MVNO. According to the company, Visible offers the same wireless service and networks as Yahoo Mobile. You get “unlimited talk, text, and data, 5G, 5 Mbps wifi hotspot, and Wifi calling” for $25/month with Party Pay, all over Verizon’s network.

Devices purchased through Yahoo Mobile should also work seamlessly on Visible, or perhaps Verizon. Note that you cannot transfer your Yahoo Mobile number to a Visible eSIM. You will have to get a physical SIM card even if your device supports eSIM.


You can opt to port your number to other carriers as well. However, it is recommended you first check whether your current device is compatible with their network unless you’re willing to get a new device.

You will have 60 days after your Yahoo Mobile service ends to transfer your number to another carrier. After that, you will lose the number. So you might want to act fast. Head over to this official support page to know more about how you can bring your Yahoo Mobile phone number to another carrier.