Xiaomi Planning To Make Smartphone Processors Again: Report

Xiaomi Logo October 2016 AH 11 AH 20191

According to some Chinese sources, Xiaomi is gathering a team of experts to produce the chip. The team’s primary focus is on producing chip for smartphones. However, a peripheral chip may be the first product of the team.

Few smartphone manufacturers are able to design their own chips. Companies like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are currently doing this. But Xiaomi may be the next one.

Xiaomi is not a new player in the chip market, and the company launched the Surge S1 in 2017. This chip was designed and manufactured by Xiaomi itself. But the Chinese OEM prefers to use chips that well-known and experienced companies have manufactured to prevent any possible errors.


Moreover, for re-entering the market, Xiaomi has begun to negotiate with I.P. providers over the license.

Of course, producing mobile chips is not the only effort by Xiaomi in the market. The company has recently started its efforts to produce 5G chips. These chips may launch on the market this year.

A subsidiary company will produce Xiaomi chips

Of course, these chips will be made by one of Xiaomi’s subsidiaries. In 2014, the company founded a subsidiary named Beijing Songguo Electronics, focusing exclusively on producing chips for mobile devices.


The Surge S1 and Surge C1 image signal processing chip are two products from Beijing Songguo Electronics now. So the company has not produced many chips so far, and its experience is not comparable to companies like Apple, Qualcomm, and Samsung.

Xiaomi has always been conservative in producing mobile chips. There is no news coverage about Beijing Songguo Electronics, and the company prefers to do things in silence.

However, Xiaomi has always been known for pushing envelopes. In the next few years, we will hear more about Xiaomi-designed chips. One great benefit of producing chips by smartphone manufacturers is that the company can have full control over software and hardware integration. Apple proves this.


Xiaomi had recently could remove its name from the U.S. sanctions list by negotiations with the U.S. Department of Defense. Xiaomi is in a better position than its hometown producer Huawei, which is still under sanctions. This paves the way for Xiaomi to work with other non-Chinese companies over chip technology development.