Early Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Leak Suggests Crazy Specs Are Coming

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The Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra is nowhere near launch, but that didn’t stop the first rumor train to suggest crazy specs for the phone. According to a report by MySmartPrice, this information comes from Digital Chat Station, a well-known tipster.

The Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra specs leak suggests extremely powerful SoC & a huge camera sensor

He allegedly already suggested that the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra will be fueled by the Snapdragon 8450 SoC. In other words, that is the yet-unannounced Snapdragon 895.

That’s not all, though. The tip also mentions a 200-megapixel camera will be included on the device. That camera sensor will come from Samsung, it seems.


Now, MySmartPrice seems to suggest Xiaomi may borrow the Olympus branding as well, which will allegedly be included on Samsung smartphones, as the two companies are rumored to be developing this camera together.

That could happen, though it would be weird if Samsung didn’t have exclusivity to such branding. Therefore, we don’t really see it happening in the case of Xiaomi, but we’ll have to wait and see.

A 192-megapixel ISOCELL camera is being developed

According to rumors, that 200-megapixel sensor is actually a 192-megapixel ISOCELL camera, which measures 1/1.37 inches. So, it won’t exactly be a 1-inch sensor.


That camera will utilize 16-in-1 pixel binning in order to provide 12-megapixel photos. Pixels on that sensor will be 0.64um, if rumors are to be believed. When it comes to 12-megapixel photos, those pixels will essentially be 2.5um in regards to the size.

Do note that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra dropped back in March this year. The Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra is also expected to arrive at the end of Q1 next year, so it’s not expected to launch anytime soon.

This rumor could be wrong, of course, we’ll just have to wait and see. It sure is early to start guessing what will the Mi 12 Ultra offer, though. Things could change by the time the phone goes into mass production, that’s for sure.