Xiaomi's 200W Charging Is Not Great For Battery Health

Xiaomi 200W charging featured
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It turns out that Xiaomi’s new 200W charging is not exactly great for battery health. That doesn’t exactly come as a surprise, though. We suspected that it will degrade battery capacity faster than slower solutions, and it turns out that is true.

Xiaomi’s 200W charging is definitely not great for battery health

Xiaomi shed more light on its charging tech via its Weibo account, during a Q&A session. One of the questions regarded battery life, and Xiaomi confirmed that 800 charging and discharging cycles at 200W will result in the battery capacity degrading to “above 80-percent” of its original capacity.

Now, it’ll take you approximately two years to reach 800 charging cycles, well, a bit more. So, if we account that the battery capacity will degrade by 20-percent in that time, that will essentially leave you with a 3,200mAh battery at that time.


OPPO’s 125W charging affects the battery in a similar way

To be quite honest, this goes hand-in-hand with OPPO’s 125W charging solution. The company gave out similar projections for 800 charging / discharging cycles. So, separating one battery into several batteries, in OPPO’s case, doesn’t really help things.

If we compare that to OPPO’s 65W charging, which drops the battery capacity to 91-percent, it’s a considerable difference. This essentially means that both OPPO’s 125W and Xiaomi’s 200W fast charging solutions hit the battery twice as hard compared to OPPO’s 65W charging. Even a bit more than that.

For those of you who are out of the loop, Xiaomi announced its 200W wired, and 120W charging tech last month. The company shocked the world when it showed us that its 200W charging can fully recharge a 4,000mAh battery in eight minutes.


Sticking to 30W / 65W charging may be a smart move

Such fast charging comes with a cost. 65W charging is extremely fast, needless to say, and perhaps the companies should shelve 100W and 200W charging ideas, at least for now. They should avoid those until they find a better solution, to be quite honest.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather use 65W charging, or even 30W charging, and keep my battery capacity quite high after some time, than to use 125W or 200W charging and lose quite a large chunk of it.