These Custom Xbox Controllers Are Ready To Take On The Goon Squad

Space Jam Xbox Controllers

Next month Warner Bros. is kicking off the launch of the new Space Jam film, and to celebrate the occasion Microsoft created these custom Space Jam Xbox controllers.

Of course Microsoft isn’t just celebrating the launch of this new film. The customized controllers are also part of the launch of an upcoming game based on that film. The game is called Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game, titled after the movie, and it’s a beat em up-style game with retro graphics.

If you’ve ever played games like Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, or even the old school Simpsons arcade game, that’s what you can expect in terms of gameplay. As for the controllers, there are three different controllers in total and each one represents a themed design.


Microsoft will sell these custom Space Jam Xbox controllers on July 8

Sometimes custom controllers like these are one-offs that are specially made for specific people. Or events. Not this time though. In fact if you’re a fan of these controllers, you’ll be able to buy them yourself on July 8.

They’ll be available at both the Microsoft Store and through Amazon. Though only to US consumers. Microsoft doesn’t state how much they’ll be, but you shouldn’t expect them to be that much different from the standard white and black controllers.

Which means they will probably retail for around $60-$70.


The Game will release exclusively on Xbox Game Pass

In addition to releasing these controllers, Microsoft will be releasing the new Space Jam game next month too. Initially it’s going to be an exclusive for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks on July 1.

That means if you subscribe top Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can play the game for free. Worth noting is that this is a timed exclusivity. As the game will be available to more users on July 15, which is one day before the film comes out. The movie will be released both in theaters and on HBO Max on the same day. So you can watch on the big screen or from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to the announcement about the game, the Xbox team has released a trailer for it, which you can view below.