Geralt Meets Geralt At The Recently Announced WitcherCon In July

WitcherCon Netflix CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red is partnering up with Netflix and has just announced WitcherCon, a global virtual event happening in July to celebrate the world of The Witcher.

Geralt meets Geralt at this upcoming event which focuses on the both the games and the Netflix series adaption of the franchise. So viewers will get to see a lot of content on both. Since the event is virtual the whole thing will be livestreamed. And fans will be able to catch the streams on YouTube and Twitch via both Netflix and CD Projekt Red’s own channels. So you’ll have four places to watch.

CD Projekt Red and Netflix will present WitcherCon on July 9

WitcherCon is happening on July 9 and both Netflix and CD Projekt Red will be presenting the event live. You’ll be able to catch the streams on the YouTube and Twitch channels of both companies.


In addition to having the streams across four channels, there will also be two streams. There will be one happening in the morning and one happening in the evening. But, according to CD Projekt Red you’ll want to watch both.

The reason being that each stream apparently has some unique and exclusive content that “you won’t want to miss.” Whether this refers to new clips and teasers from the second season of The Witcher or something else is unclear. But since each stream is fairly far apart you should easily be able to catch both if you have the day free.

The first stream begins at 10AM PT while the second stream happens at 6PM PT.


There will not be a new Witcher game announced during the event

CD Projekt Red makes this pretty clear. Just in case there’s any confusion. There will not be a new Witcher game announced at the event.

This is even stated on the landing page for WitcherCon. Presumably because CD Projekt Red doesn’t want fans to get their hopes up or go into the event with unrealistic expectations. So it’s nipping things in the bud very early on by assuring fans that they aren’t announcing a new game for the franchise.

That doesn’t mean of course that there will be no more Witcher games. There likely will be. But none will be showing up at WitcherCon. There will still be a lot of cool content to see though. Including deep dives into the making of the games, the Netflix show, upcoming anime series, and merchandise.


There will also be interactive panels with the people who helped bring the game and the show to life, as well as explorations into the lore, legends, monsters and more.