Vivo Chooses Names For Its Foldable & Rollable Smartphones

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It seems like Vivo chose names for its upcoming foldable and rollable smartphones. The company trademarked some names for those devices, that much is obvious now.

It seems like Vivo chose names for its foldable & rollable smartphones

The company trademarked NEX Fold, NEX Roll, and NEX Slide names in China. These names actually say a lot. The ‘NEX Fold’ is obviously reserved for the company’s foldable smartphone, or foldable smartphone series. The ‘NEX Roll’ and ‘NEX Slide’ will likely be attached to rollable / slideable smartphone(s).

These trademarks date back to May 24, but no info surfaced until now. As most of you know, Vivo is planning to announce its first foldable in the near future. The company is said to announce it before the end of 2021, for sure.


Vivo has patented a lot of foldable smartphone designs, and the same goes for some rollable / slideable ones. We’re not sure when exactly will Vivo announce its rollable smartphone, but chances are we’ll have to wait until 2022.

OPPO introduced the world’s first rollable smartphone

The company may surprise us, of course. OPPO did introduce its first, and the world’s first, rollable smartphone at the end of last year. That phone does work, but it’s not available for purchase, nor will it become available for purchase.

OPPO will, for sure, announce a consumer device in the future, though, and the same goes for its sister company, Vivo. Both of those companies are owned by BBK Electronics, and the same goes for OnePlus.


They do share technology between them, so chances are they’ll do the same for foldable and rollable tech. Vivo is obviously getting ready for such devices with these trademarks.

More information regarding Vivo’s foldable smartphone is expected to surface soon. Several trusted sources said that the company’s first foldable will arrive by the end of this year.

If that happens, Vivo will join the likes of Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, and several other companies that already released their foldable offerings.


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