Verizon Really Wants People To Use 5G Phones; New Deals In Place

Verizon AH NS 04

5G is picking up steam as more people are picking up 5G-enabled smartphones. Verizon has unveiled some deals that it hopes will help speed up the process, at least on the Verizon side of things. According to DroidLife, there are some new Verizon trade-in deals that will help folks cross the 5G threshold. But there are some drawbacks.

These Verizon trade-in deals offer people money to switch their carriers

We’ve seen companies offer to pay people to switch over, and Verizon is offering that with a 5G phone thrown in to sweeten the deal. For new Verizon customers, the company will offer to give you a 5G phone free of charge. You will need to trade in your old phone and port over your new number. Also, you will need to choose an unlimited plan to receive the phone.

As for paying you to switch, you will get a $300 pre-paid Mastercard. This means that Verizon isn’t exactly walking up to your current carrier and pulling out its wallet. You will need to do some preparation, as the card will take up to eight weeks to be mailed in, so be cautious of that.


As for the fine print, there’s always something extra. While you will be able to pick up the 5G phone without paying for it then and there, you will pay for it in the long run. The charge for the phone will be sprinkled throughout your monthly bills. If you’re alright with paying a bit more on your bill, then you should consider this trade-in deal.

The deal for existing customers also offer a free 5G phone

The deal for existing customers shares some similarities with the one above. The promise is a 5G enabled phone free of charge with a trade-in. Right now, Verizon says that you have your pick of either a Galaxy S21 or an iPhone 12 Mini, but in reality, you’re not limited to just those two phones. You can choose any phone as long as it’s not more than $799.

As with the deal for non-existing customers, the costs of the phone will manifest themselves as additional costs on your monthly bill. Also, you will need to pay for an unlimited plan. It seems like you can trade in any device within reason. Basically, you might be able to trade your old Pixel 3, but you may not be able to trade in your busted Galaxy S3.


If you want to hop on this deal to hop on Verizon’s 5G network, just remember that there will be a premium to pay each month as part of the deal. Also, since 5G is still making its way throughout the country, make sure that it’s available in your area before hitting “Buy.”