Twitter Reopens Verification Requests, After A Short Break

Twitter AH NS 03

After it paused verification requests for a couple of days, Twitter announced that they are open again, in case you want to get verified.

The company previously halted the process due to the high volume of pending applications. “We’re rolling in verification requests. So we gotta hit pause on accepting any more for now while we review the ones that have been submitted.” Twitter noted in its announcement.

Getting verified on Twitter was disabled for years, and only some notable accounts could get that blue badge through direct contact with the company. Twitter again opened its doors for public verifications on May 20th.


Of course, it’s predictable that Twitter will again receive a slew of requests for getting verified, and they may stop accepting applications for days to evaluate the pending requests. Verification has been disabled for a long time, and now many accounts think they deserve a blue badge.

Twitter verification is open, but it’s not for everyone

Just because Twitter allows you to send your verification requests, it doesn’t mean you are eligible to get verified. Only notable accounts and famous public figures can receive the verification badge in the new process. So others have no chance for it, or at least have a little chance.

Moreover, Twitter has defined specific categories, and any account requesting verification must fall into one of these categories. Entertainment activists, activists or Influencers, brands, government officials or affiliates, professional sports or e-sports entities, and journalists or news organizations can send their applications to Twitter.


Of course, falling into any of these categories won’t guarantee account verification. You need to be a notable person in your industry to get verified.

Also, the government-issued ID is not the only supported document for checking your identity and background. You can either use official email addresses or official websites. This is a good alternative for government officials and those who are working in sensitive organizations.

Anyway, Twitter is again open to accepting verification requests. If you think your account is eligible for getting a blue badge, don’t hesitate to send your application to Twitter.