Twitter Is Working On Three New Misinformation Warning Labels

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Twitter is gearing up to introduce three new misinformation warning labels. The social media giant that didn’t shy away from banning the then U.S. President Donald Trump to combat misinformation, has just upped the ante.

On June 1, researcher Jane Manchun Wong took to her Twitter account to share a screenshot, which shows that Twitter is currently working on three levels of warning labels. The move seems to a part of Twitter’s continual fight against misinformation.

Twitter first rolled out misinformation warning labels during the pandemic to put a lid on mistruths. However, hoaxes continue to be a perpetual issue, forcing the microblogging site to expand the labels.


Twitter is adding three new misinformation warning labels

Twitter will start adding three new types of warning labels below relevant tweets in a bid to debunk rumors and bust jargon, Engadget reported.

The three new alerts include Get the latest, Stay Informed, and Misleading. These labels will be accompanied by “find out more” links.

For example, links similar to the COVID-19 labels will lead to external sites that offer more information on the topic. Manchun Wong was the first one to spot the in-development feature.


Twitter’s ongoing attempt to fight fake news

The oracle of social media was also the one to reveal the Twitter Blue subscription service. She also confirmed that her jocular tweets showing the new labels use Twitter’s new “Chirp” font.

The new typeface represents the company’s ongoing branding efforts. It is a perfect blend of American Gothic and European Grotesque styles. Although it is messy, the new typeface is sharp and looks different either way.

Twitter’s endless effort to curb misinformation saw the platform using PSAs during the election. The company left no stone unturned in a bid to restrict the spread of misinformation about voting and results.


The firm didn’t even hesitate to lock horns with Trump, who was permanently banned from the platform due to his aggressive tweets.

Twitter announced a crowdsourced feature called Birdwatch in January. The feature enabled some users to provide fact-checks for tweets.

Other upcoming features

Twitter is currently working on a Blue paid subscription. Those who subscribe will be able to carry out functions such as changing the app’s icon, undoing tweets, and more.


The company released a few state-specific COVID-19 pages in India. This is an attempt to help those seeking SOS resources.

Currently, the micro-blogging site is offering pages for states that are worst affected by the second wave of coronavirus in the country. Moreover, it recently launched the Ticketed Spaces feature to let creators charge a fee to participate in Spaces.