Transformers Are Coming To AR With Niantic At The Helm

Transformers Heavy Metal

Niantic is partnering up with Hasbro and TOMY to create a new augmented reality game based on the Transformers franchise, called Transformers: Heavy Metal.

The news was announced during E3 and in a post over on Niantic’s official blog. Transformers: Heavy Metal will be the latest game in a line of AR titles from Niantic featuring popular franchises. Niantic has tried its hand at a couple of different franchises at this point for AR games. Building off of its initial success with Ingress, while the company was still under Google.

But so far, none of Niantic’s titles have been as popular as Pokémon GO. It would be easy to say that the reason for this is because Pokémon is a mega franchise. But so is Harry Potter. Another franchise Niantic created a game for. This new Transformers AR game will be the third franchise title that Niantic is gearing up to release. Transformers is also a huge hit and has been around for decades. So perhaps Niantic will strike gold again here.


Transformers: Heavy Metal will have a soft launch very soon

Were you a Transformers nut during the franchise’s peak more than 30 years ago? If so, and you have untold levels of excitement for this upcoming augmented reality game, Niantic is prepared to let you test things out prior to the game’s launch.

The game will be getting a soft launch in the very near future. Although, Niantic doesn’t state when the soft launch will be. Or where the soft launch will take place.

Keep in mind that the soft launch may not be available in your region. And if that’s the case then you’ll have to wait until the game is released to play it.


But, even if you don’t end up in the soft launch regions, all is not lost. Because Niantic says the game is going to be released sometime in 2021. There’s no official date on the release either, but with it being mid-June and the soft launch still on the way, gamers could be looking at a launch further out. Perhaps sometime after the Summer.

If you want to stay up to date on the game and pre-register for it, you can do so by navigating to the game’s landing page.