It Looks Like TicWatch Pro 3 Users Will Get The New Wear OS

New Wear OS

It seems Mobvoi wants to make sure some of its users get the upgrade to the new Wear OS, as it will be updating the TicWatch Pro 3 to the new software that Google and Samsung announced during Google IO.

This comes just a couple of days after it was reported that Fossil may not upgrade any of its current watches. And instead opt to focus on a new premium smartwatch for the platform.

With the TicWatch Pro 3, users are going to be getting all the benefits of the upgrade to the new Wear OS. This includes the likes of better battery life and improved performance. Both of which have been major pain points of Wear OS in general since, basically forever.


The TicWatch Pro 3 has the hardware to support the new Wear OS

You might be wondering why Fossil may not upgrade its previous watches but TicWatch will. And in all likelihood it comes down to hardware.

The TicWatch Pro is powered by the Snapdragon Wear 4100. Which, probably isn’t going to be as powerful as whatever Google and Samsung use on their new watches, but it’s better than what most of the competition are using.

Which is at best the Snapdragon Wear 3100. And at worst a much older chip. This means the TicWatch Pro 3 is probably uniquely positioned to offer users the new software. Because the hardware can probably support the necessary requirements.


There’s no set date for the upgrade

Even if the TicWatch Pro 3 is getting the upgrade, users still don’t know when. Confirmation of the upgrade comes from a customer support rep for Mobvoi. A user on Reddit shared a screenshot of their conversation with this rep, which states that the watch will be updated to Wear OS 3.0 in the future.

Unfortunately, “in the future” is about as amorphous as it gets. Short of not saying anything all and simply confirming that the update will happen. Having said that, users of the watch need only really do one thing from this point forward. And that’s to wait and see if the update drops around the same time that Google releases it.